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Service Description team is ready to help you new 5 man dungeon – Return to Karazhan. 8 new bosses, 885+ items and 2 new mounts – Midnight and – Smoldering Ember Wyrm. Don't miss you chance and get your boost today 🙂 Just make an order and our opearators will contact you within 15 minutes after purchase.

Why should I get that?

The history of Medivh tower in WoW.

World of Warcraft: Legion 7.1 Patch has brought us new feature: Karazhan dungeon boost! One of the most mystical, magnificent and mysterious places in the game - Karazhan. It’s a name of a Medivh tower, where he was living for a long period of time.

Karazhan Raid firstly was introduced back in 2006 when WoW acquired it’s first expansion - Burning Crusade. It was 10-man raid with challenging and entertaining mechanics. The main plot was to find out what is happening inside this mysterious tower. 10 years after, Karazhan location has become a tasty piece of cake for transmogrification. Second main reason to visit karazhan raid wow is to fill your collection with Fiery Warhorse Mount.

Old raid consists of 12 different and very interesting bosses: Servant’s Quarters, Attumen the Huntsman (he was dropping famous karazhan mount back then and drops nowadays), Moroes, Maiden of Virtue, Opera Hall (the most entertaining World of Warcraft raid boss fight, each time providing 1 of 3 different encounters - Wizard of Oz, Romulo and Julianne and Red Riding Hood), The Curator, Shade of Aran, Terestian Illhoof (bonus boss), Netherspite, Nightbane (requires a special long questline to summon), Chess match and Prince Malchezaar (biggest collector of beautiful weapons in a game).

Unfortunately, old Kara is more about Fiery Warhorse farm, then full run. But then, Blizzard changed everything by adding reworked and rebalanced actual version of this legendary location.

Karazhan is back

Nowadays in WoW Legion Karazhan is a 5-man dungeon that is called ‘Return to Karazhan’. It’s located at the same area, but has another entrance. New dungeon is harder than mythic dungeons and drops items with higher ilvl. This is the first dungeon to contain 8 bosses and 1 hidden boss that drops Smoldering Ember Wyrm Mount. The main plot was introduced during WoW: Legion prequests when you accompanied by Khadgar enter the Karazhan and try to stand against the Legion.

Some bosses are taken from old version of the instance, but they all were rebalanced and adjusted to match current level of playstyle that new players can offer to the game. Those who remained in forgotten tower: Opera (changed a lot, now all three stories are parodies to their previous versions), Maiden of Virtue (really suffered changes the less), Moroes (new model is amazing, Sir), Attumen the Horseman (still drops the mount), The Curator and Nightbane (to summon you need make 3 bosses timed run). Three new bosses were introduced in updated version of Kara: Shade of Medivh, Mana Devourer and Viz’aduum the Watcher.

Karazhan dungeon boost is an unique chance to enjoy your PvE experience without rading. In total with mythic+ dungeons you can gear up your character to 870 ilvl or higher after release of this huge instance. 855 ilvl drop from first half of bosses, 860+ ilvl from second half. The highest ilvl drop is from Nightbane - secret boss that requires special time run to appear. Nightbane is really tough encounter that is equal to mythic +11 last bosses experience.
Basically, Karazhan boost is divided into common dungeon with regular 855-860 drop and hidden boss that requires full heroic warforged gear to deal with. Drops from Nightbane are BiS for most of the classes before Trial of Valor. Nightbane drops only 5 pieces of gear - 3 BiS perks relics (Fire, Life and Fel), PvP Trinket and the chest that has passive ability to increase ALL procs from ALL Karazhan trinkets by 30%.

Leprestore team is always ready to take your order for 9/9 (including timerun) Karazhan wow carry. It has become the most popular product during first 2 weeks after 7.1 release cause everyone desires that wow karazhan mount.

Karazhan Attunement

If you were playing back then, in 2006, you might remember that before entering this destroyed tower, you needed questline completed. That was a really huge and hard part of a raiding cycle, which had to be done for each character.

In the new expansion, Karazhan also requires special questline to enter. It is called attunement and you can pick up starting quest at Dalaran by visiting almighty Khadgar. The questline contains 4 mythic dungeons and like 20 easy quests. Sounds very casual, but takes time to complete. Because of that you can buy karazhan attunement boost in Leprestore as well.

Karazhan mythic dungeon boost is also an additional option while your ordering karazhan to avoid your solo attunement unlock. Just place an order with this option and our team will make attunement instead of you and then finish karazhan wow push.

By completing the whole quest you get the achievement that shares all over your account so you don’t need to complete it all over again.

Summary and PvP

Karazhan is a great forgotten Burning Crusade raid which was fully recharged in a recent patch of WoW: Legion. Located in the Deadwind Pass, Karazhan has it’s own magical and mystical atmosphere. Most of new players been to karazhan crypt while was acquiring one of their artifact weapons.

New dungeon took position between Normal and Heroics difficulties of Emerald Nightmare, which makes solo players easier to gear without raiding experience. The main target of a dungeon is a bonus boss which drops amazing 875 pieces and brand new boss alike mount Smoldering Ember Wyrm.

If you are PvP player that not interested in PvE content at all, you also might look on Nightbane farming. The main thing is the trinket that drops from that boss. It’s active ability to remove all fear effects is very essential on battlegrounds and arena.

Choose 8/9 run, 9/9 run or mount run for Karazhan, make an order, proceed to checkout and team will make your dream come true as fast as it is possble.

Mythic is expensive, what is it for?

Maybe customer is a big fan of the game and enjoying mounts for example? In this case you can buy kiljaeden boss kill on Mythic to get your great mount from this mighty demon lord. Finally, our new vehicle can fly, so its efficiency sky high.



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